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Here you can see all of the novels I am either currently working on or planning on writing. If any of them interest you, feel free to comment on them so I can see which ones to prioritize! (Disclaimer: All of the excerpts are from first drafts and have not been edited. I apologize beforehand for any mistakes.)

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Seventeen years ago, Gwenyth Pierce’s mother was murdered. That day, the world was plunged into wintertime and never recovered. Like others of her generation, Gwen is looked down upon for being a Winter Child, but her Uncle Ariel insists that she is anything but. Certain that Gwen is different—although he refuses to explain why—Ariel sends her on peculiar errands around the world. One day, while running an errand in London, Gwen realizes she is being followed.


When she returns to Ariel’s home and finds the handsome stranger there, she panics, certain he’s come to kill her. Instead, he introduces himself as Seph, the leader of the Seelie Rebel Army. Though Gwen insists that she knows nothing and is, by all accounts, useless, Seph whisks her away to the Otherworld, convinced that she is the only one who can defeat the Unseelie Queen of the Winter Court.


Despite Seph’s cold demeanor towards her and the promise of a dark and hidden past, Gwen can’t help but feel attracted to him. Soon, she is caught up in the chaos of the Seelie rebel base, and although learning to fight, warding off jealous girls, and trying to decipher Seph’s cryptic mood swings is no easy task, it isn’t until Gwen discovers who she really is that her new life becomes truly problematic. With the Unseelie Queen’s men looking for her and her friends’ lives in danger, Gwen must choose whether to return to her conventional existence as a Winter Child or embrace the tumultuous life of the Rebel Queen. 


Beast Blessed

There once was a race so vile, so fierce, that to meet them was to welcome death. They were demons, children of the Beast Lord, and they were the product of every beautiful and terrifying thing that ever lived.

They called them the Beast-Blessed.

For two thousand years, the great kingdom of Arlen has been surrounded by a wall of fire. Legend has it that behind the wall lives the Varengard, a deadly, immortal monster created for only one purpose: to kill every human thing in its wake. But now Arlen has been given a three-month ultimatum—tear down the wall and kill the Varengard, or face the wrath of the Gromean Queen’s lethal army.


Chlaerys Venota has never been certain of anything in her life. She doesn’t know where she’s from, she doesn’t know who her parents are, and she really isn’t quite sure who she is. But she does know one thing—the King of Arlen cannot tear down that wall. Ever since the Queen gave her ultimatum, Chlaerys has been having prophetic visions about the Varengard, and she knows that if the wall comes down, nobody will stand a chance.


All she wants is to convince the King to reconsider, and when the Arrival—a competition for the Ladies of Arlen to win the Prince’s heart—comes around, Chlaerys decides to pose as a potential competitor. It would be the perfect plan, if it weren’t for one tiny detail: Chlaerys Venota is Arlen’s most notorious head hunter, and the King will do anything to see her dead.



Death took her away. Destiny brought her back.


After a tragic accident on her 18th birthday, Avery Westcross is determined to start fresh. After being accepted at Exetus - the most prestigious university in the world—Avery packs her bags and heads off to Greece. But, when she gets there, life doesn’t turn out to be quite as easy as she expected. Haunted by visions of her dead boyfriend, unexplainable threats on her life, and dreams that feel like memories, Avery is about to find out that there is more to her past than she can ever imagine.


Eighteen years ago, the love of Valentine’s life sacrificed herself to save him. He thought she was lost forever, until, out of nowhere, she stumbles back into his life with no idea who he is or who she used to be. Helping her remember would be easy, except for the fact that she’s suddenly taken a liking to Cassander, the same ruthless mercenary who was sent to capture her eighteen years ago. Now, with Avery revealed to be alive, Cassander has finally come back to finish what he started.


Dream Raiders

“We are living in a world where people can no longer distinguish what is real from what is not.”


In what was once the effervescent metropolis of New York City, lies the dreary municipality of Eastern Croetczech. Recent-graduate, soon-to-be-Middler Kierra Calloway has waited all her life for the first day of her apprenticeship. Except, when it finally comes, she would do anything to turn back the clock. Because, on that day, Nikolai Rey goes missing.     


After three weeks and an unidentifiable body found floating in the Croet River, Nikolai is declared dead. But, somehow, Kierra knows he’s still alive. Because the day after Nikolai went missing was the day Kierra began to see him in her dreams. Dreams which, according to the government, she isn’t allowed to be having.     


When Nikolai’s secrets begin to unravel, Kierra and Eli—Nikolai’s best friend—set out to discover just what happened to him. But with the government tracking her every move, Eli’s emerging feelings, and the cryptic messages Nikolai sends her in her dreams, finding him turns out to be much harder than she had previously anticipated. In a society controlled by dreams, a rebel like Kierra won’t make it very far. 


Shadows of Eden

Elaine Sullivan is perfect, or so everyone thinks. Deep inside, Bear Creek’s Golden Girl is harboring a dark secret—her power to see the future killed August Young. 

Three years ago, August Young was kidnapped and murdered. But, for the past few weeks, Elaine’s been seeing August’s death in her visions—and it hasn’t happened yet.

When August shows up back in town with no memory of the past three years, worse secrets than even Elaine’s are revealed. The only clue to his past is written in an ancient language scrawled down the length of his spine, a language that only Elaine and August can read. When Elaine begins to have visions of the rise of a dark force, she must fight the dangerous pull she feels towards August and make a choice that could unravel a conspiracy dating back to the beginning of time itself.




Josette Parker was born on the wrong side of the tracks—literally. The south side of Oakes Falls is an area of gang wars and violent crime, and despite her father’s notoriety as the leader of the Vipers, Josie has never belonged. All she’s ever wanted was a chance at an Ivy League in the Big Apple, and as senior valedictorian, she’s one graduation speech away from making it.


But when Josie is accused of a crime she didn’t commit, she is forced into community service as an assistant for the new kindergarten teacher, Mr. Carter. There’s only one problem: Josie hates kids. 

But if she wants to stay out of trouble and figure out who framed her, Josie is going to have to deal not only with the hair-pulling, hyperactive demon children, but with their young, sexy and completely off-limits teacher, Mr. Carter. 



Sera Schuyler has lived her whole life in her older sister Sylvia's shadow. She hasn't particularly minded, except for when it came to Jesse Abrams, Sylvia's boyfriend who Sera simply can't seem to forget. But now that Sylvia's in college, Jesse is free for grabs and Sera has her eyesand her heart - set on him. 

But as she gets closer to Jesse, she realizes that the golden boy has a secret, and it's about to turn Sera's average life on its heels. Jesse's not just a high school boy - he's a Divine mercenary angel on a mission to kill the Trinity, a mythical fulfillment to a two-thousand-year-old prophecy. 

It isn't until Jesse reveals the truth about whoand whatSera is that she realizes she is on the tipping point of a war that has been brewing for centuries, and Jesse needs her help to stop it. But when Jesse's mysterious brother Demetrius shows up in town, Sera is torn in two. Demetrius is a Fallen soldier, and he's giving Sera a new perspective - not just on the war, but on her heart.

Hunted by the Divine and wanted by the Fallen, Sera will have to figure out who she is and who she loves before time runs out.



Sheltered since the day her father disappeared, Ginevra Delvaux has grown up with nobody but her caretaker Ilaria, who is intent on keeping the details of her father’s past a secret. When Ginevra stumbles upon a book that proves Ilaria’s been lying about who Ginevra really is, her rebellious spirit tells her to take the book and run. 

But Ginevra’s never been outside of the protective boundary of her small cottage, and soon she is faced with the brutal reality of the outside world when Niklas, a common thief, steals her book. She gets the book back, but Niklas has caught a glimpse of his stolen treasure and his interest is piqued. He follows Ginevra home, only for them to find that Ilaria has been brutally murdered by the Queen’s hunter.


Ginevra is distraught, but Niklas knows the power of the book, and what owning it means for Ginevra. Soon, they strike a deal - Niklas will help Ginevra sneak into the castle and exact her vendetta against the Queen if she agrees to help him pay back a dangerous debt he owes to a mercenary.


Together, they embark on an adventure of revenge, self-discovery, unexpected love, and a little bit of magic.



Two years ago, Mazarine's brother Darssian was murdered by the Zivuri—lightbringers, shadowslayers and the mortal enemy of Maz's people the Drakus. Like her father and brother before her, Maz is a Shadowmaster and her blue blood runs royal. But, despite being the daughter of the Lord of Shadows and heir to the shadowthrone, Maz has only ever wanted to be human. Darssian was the one who deserved the throne, not Maz, who dreams of nothing but forgoing her black eyes and bloodthirsty fangs.


When Maz finds a key with a note signed by Darssian, she begins to suspect that his death wasn't the random act of violence everyone assumed it was. Deciding to investigate, Maz finds herself at a small apartment in Avignon, France. 

There, she meets Emile, a talented street artist, her new neighbor and the first clue to what really happened to Darssian. There is something off about Emile, not just because he can see her when he shouldn't be able to, but because Maz is certain she's met him before. Though she knows Emile could be dangerous, the artist is charming and beautiful, and Maz quickly falls under his spell. Soon, Emile is caught up in the world of the Drakus, but secrets are starting to unravel, and Emile isn't the helpless human he seems to be. 

In fact, Emile might be the one person who could destroy Maz and the Drakus forever...




Every girl has an impossible crush—celebrity, fictional character, best friend's boyfriend...  Sawyer Marlowe’s is a dead guy. 


Killed by lightning during a football championship two years ago, Liam Finlay has become nothing more than a cautionary tale to the small town of Sienna Hills. But for Sawyer, Liam still exists in her dreams, and for the past week, he’s been giving her very specific instructions on what to do on October 21, 2018—a date that is exactly one month before the anniversary of his death.


Curious, she suspends her disbelief and follows his instructions, only to find herself struck by lightning and transported to October 21, 2016. When she wakes up the next morning, she discovers a note in her pocket with only two words—Save Me.


With one month to save Liam from a death that might not have been the tragic accident it seemed, Sawyer must uncover the truth about what really happened that night and decide whether changing the past is worth what the future might bring.



For 150 years, Myrna has avoided Atticus. After all, it was partly his fault that they were cursed to spend eternity stuck as 17-year-olds in New Orleans. 

But, when a stranger attacks Myrna and his death sparks a search that leads right to her doorstep, she has no choice but to seek Atticus’s help. 

With a little bit of magic and a change of identity, Myrna figures that the best way to hide is in plain sight. For the first time in a century and a half, Myrna enrolls in a high school, certain she’ll only have to stay long enough to get the feds off her scent. 

But when a familiar handsome boy shows up at school and begins causing trouble, Myrna’s plans take a detour. This boy is more than he seems, and behind his pretty face lurks a dark secret about a long ago past. A secret that might just be the key to ending Myrna’s curse and setting her free once and for all…



As one of the Daughters of Lilies, Beliel is the worst kind of predator, and her otherworldly beauty is her deadliest weapon. Daughters feed on death and pain, and Beliel’s very touch is a threat. She was never supposed to care about humans—much less fall in love with one—but 300 years ago, she did.

It did not end well.

Now, after avoiding the Daughters of Lilies for centuries, the Daughters have come with an ultimatum. Either she gives up her life of “minimalist veganism” and returns as the full feeding force she once was, or she gives up her life for good.

With no other choice, Beliel is sent to a small-town college, tasked with feeding on as many humans as she can. It seems an easy enough task until she meets Dean Parker, a frat boy who runs the school’s Bible Club. 

Dean’s face is achingly familiar, and as dark memories begin to surface and the secrets Dean is hiding come to light, Beliel realizes that the Daughters want more than just a body count. Their purpose is far darker than death, and if Beliel wants to stop them, she might have to give up the only thing that has ever made her different—her heart.



In the land of Rhithyn, the color of your blood defines you. As a colorless White, Kessia is the lowest of the low, an orphan abandoned by her mother to an inheritance of debt and nothing more than a slave to the all-powerful Violets. The only way to earn her freedom is to pay off her debts, join the White Rebellion or risk running away to the island country of Moresh.

When she is offered a chance at escape, she takes it, even though being caught means imprisonment or death. But when Kessia stumbles upon a mythical crystal of immense power, she uses it to hide her trail, unaware that the crystal has a mind—and a purpose—of its own. 


In a matter of seconds, her whole life changes and Kessia is now a Violet, declared a long lost princess of the Violet Court. But once inside the castle, Kessia realizes there is more to the Violets—and to herself—than she ever knew.


As she uncovers deeply buried secrets, fends off the royals intent on ruining her, and attempts to avoid the notoriously beautiful but cruel Prince Ryden, Kessia must find a way to destroy the Violets without losing herself to the power that seems intent on corrupting her, Rhithyn, and the entire world beyond.



Every summer, Addison's family spends three months in the small Spanish coastal town of Puerto Runas. It was a trip she loved all her life, until the day tragedy struck. Now, one year later, Addie and her family are back, and all she wants is to spend her time playing soccer, being scouted by the best international college teams, and absolutely not thinking about the reason why half the town looks at her like she’s a ghost.


When she gets the chance to try out for Runas J.F.C—one of the best teams in the European Junior League Cup—Addie can’t imagine a better way to spend the summer before her senior year. The only problem is Addie's old-fashioned grandmother, who ever since the accident insists that she spends too much time playing soccer and not enough time finding a husband.

On the night Addie meets Hayden, she doesn’t see his warm brown eyes or wild curls, she sees a tourist clueless about her past and the perfect coverup for her nagging grandmother. She’s not interested in some dreamy summer romance, she just wants to win the Cup and a scholarship to the University of Los Angeles. Hayden, however, wants something more, and so they strike a deal—for every fake-date-turned-soccer-practice he gets to ask her a question.


But as he chips away at her hardened exterior, Addie realizes she isn’t the only one hiding something. Not only is Hayden’s face unnervingly familiar, but he mysteriously refuses to touch her. And when he reveals the truth about what he's really doing in Europe, Addie realizes that falling for him might just mean giving up everything she’s ever dreamed of.



Sam Walker has everything—a doting boyfriend, a scholarship to an elite liberal arts college, a shot at an all-expense-paid summer trip to London, and a secret that could ruin it all.


Fortunately for her, the only person who knows is locked up in jail.


Or, at least, he was.


The last thing Sam expected to see when she walked into her freshman suite at Arden College was Rowan Becker himself, impossibly beautiful and out for revenge.


As if having Rowan as a suite mate isn't bad enough, Sam soon finds out that Rowan—the youngest son of tech billionaire Churchill Becker—has been offered a publishing deal for a tell-all book about the summer that landed him in jail. A summer that has everything to do with Sam.


If Sam wants to keep the world from finding out what really happened that summer—and risk losing everything and everyone she's ever loved—she's going to have to play nice with the only guy she hoped to never see again.


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