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All of my book covers are custom-made and tailored to your story. I offer options for print books and e-books for all platforms (Kindle, Createspace, Amazon, iBooks, etc.). Although my area of expertise lies in designing Young Adult books, I am more than open to designing whatever genre your book is in, and will do my best to ensure that you are happy with the final product, regardless of what genre it is.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone attend and participate in the screening?

MYDFL screenings are open to the public, however only those who are between the ages of 14-35 are eligible to participate. We do this to ensure that our decision making is centered around the voices of young people.

Who can vote on endorsements?

Only MYDFL members can vote on endorsement recommendations. There are no dues associated with membership. To become a member, visit:

Are candidates allowed to stay and observe other interviews?

Out of respect to participants, candidates are not allowed to stay for interviews of other candidates in their race. However, they are welcome to observe interviews of candidates running for different districts/positions.

What makes someone an “existing member” of MYDFL?

Existing members are those who registered for membership at least 15 days prior to the screening date.

Can people register to become members on the day of the screening?

Yes. As long as a person is between the ages of 14-35 and aligns with the DFL's values, they are able to register to become a member of MYDFL at any time.

Are campaigns allowed to bring literature and/or signs?


Do I have to be present for all of the candidate interviews to vote?

Yes. In order to vote on an endorsement recommendation, you must be present for all candidate interviews in that race.

What happens during voting?

During voting, members review candidates' answers to our questionnaire and the verbal questions given in the interview. Members then discuss what they felt each candidates' strenghs and weaknesses were. At any time, a member may make a motion to vote. Voting is anonymous and takes place via written ballot. Candidates must receive at least 60% of the votes to be recommended for endorsement.

What is the interview like?

MYDFL members will have access to candidates’ questionnaire responses ahead of time. The screening itself is not meant to be a policy quiz. We recognize that different candidates may have different levels of knowledge on the specifics of each issue, and that young people and those from marginalized communities are put at a disadvantage when we measure the fitness of candidates for office by their understanding of the minute details and the intricacies of legal structures that weren’t designed for them.
In our interview, candidates can expect to be provided 2 minutes for an opening statement, followed by 10 predetermined questions that are asked of all candidates who participate in MYDFL’s screening process, you will have 2 minutes to answer each of these questions. The questions that we ask are designed to help us get to know candidates better through their own life experiences and their values. Finally, we will provide an opportunity for members to ask questions about issues that they feel haven’t been addressed or for clarification on your questionnaire answers.
We provide a list of potential questions to candidates ahead of time because we recognize that some people may need more time to process questions and that those who are well-connected in politics may already have access to our screening questions.

What happens if a candidate misses their screening time due to an emergency?

We also ask that candidates email a video (to that briefly explains their biography, why they are running, and some policy priorities to ensure that candidates voices are represented in our screenings in case they are unable to attend due a personal or family emergency


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