Cheaper than custom covers, premade covers can be just the thing for authors on a budget. Below you can find my collection of premade covers, beginning at only $80.

All covers will be sold once and then removed from the site, so your cover is entirely your own. Unlike custom covers, premade covers are paid for upfront. During your checkout, please click on the "Add a Note" area beside the checkout button, and list the title of your book, the name of the author you want on the cover, and any extra text you would like displayed (blurbs, taglines, author accolades, series names, etc.) 

If you would like anything changed on the cover besides text (colors, placements, fonts, etc.), let me know in the notes section. For changes other than text, there will likely be a small fee (ranging from $5 to $20) depending on your request. Please be aware that certain major changes might not be possible.


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